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The 9 Best Viral Videos Of All Time

Viral video legends were born on sites like Newgrounds, eBaum’s World, and YouTube before Vine and Instagram.

The best Viral Videos market has sadly brought a turn for the negative. We can still reflect on the iconic viral videos that set the standard for internet greatness.

  1. Falling grape lady
  2. Mobile, Alabama, Leprechaun
  3. Double Rainbow
  4. The shoes
  5. Let Britney be
  6. The Fentons
  7. Puppet Pals from Potter
  8. The greatest freakout of all time
  9. Guy Numa Numa

Below mentioned are some of the viral videos. These videos have been in our hearts and minds for years but have never faded.


  • Falling grape lady

The friendly competition turned into viral fame and a few broken ribs. During the late ’90s, Melissa Sander, aka “Grape Lady,” was documenting for Fox 5 in Atlanta at a vineyard.

The camera returns to the newsroom after she falls to the ground and lets out a strange-sounding announcement.

Nearly 20 million people have watched this viral video since uploaded it in 2007.

  • Mobile, Alabama, Leprechaun

In 2006, the “Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama” video stood as one of the top news stories to become viral on YouTube. A leprechaun sighting prompted the community to form a search party.

The viral video features a fantastic amateur sketch of the magical creature and interviews with people who have different theories about it, ranging from “it’s a crackhead” to “it’s casting a shadow.”

  • Double Rainbow

This man having a meltdown over seeing a double rainbow in 2010 confirms we should enjoy the simple things in life. There are over 45 million people who agree with this statement.

This viral video may or may not have been made using drugs.

  • The shoes

YouTube’s original viral video. Over 67 million people have viewed this banger since Liam Kyle Sullivan released it in 2007.

Kelly, whom Sullivan portrays, is unhappy with her birthday gifts. “I’m determined to get what I want,” she says fiercely when her father asks what she wants to do with her life.

This is the most impressive song ever dedicated to shoes. As a result of his viral fame, Sullivan has also built quite a career.

  • Let Britney be

Chris Crocker wanted everyone to leave Britney Spears alone. In 2007, Crocker begged the internet to leave Britney alone on YouTube during Britney’s rough patch.

The video was an instant viral sensation, and Crocker received a lot of backlash for his feminine appearance and sobbing. Crocker rose above the haters and became a porn star, blogger, and songwriter after the release of this video.

  • The Fentons

When the person recording the video pans right, a herd of deer chased by a dog runs past, turning a peaceful stroll through Richmond Park in London into chaos.

Later, the dog’s owner can be seen chasing him while screaming, “Jesus Christ, Fenton!” Thankfully, no one is injured.

Over 18 million people have viewed this video since it was uploaded in 2011.

  • Puppet Pals from Potter

For any Harry Potter fan out there, this video is a must-see. Millions of people watch “Potter’s Puppet Pals” on YouTube.

Over 181 million views have been recorded for the first episode of “The Mysterious Ticking Noise,” released in 2007. We nerds who watched the video back then still know the lyrics today.

  • The greatest freakout of all time

Stephen Quire’s brother Jack (aka wafflepwn) records his brother’s reaction to having his World of Warcraft subscription canceled. During Stephen’s tantrum, Jack leaves the camera to record it all for YouTube.

There were more videos of Stephen freaking out, but most appeared to be fake or scripted. Nearly 100 million people viewed the first video of the series in 2009.

Whether it’s real or fake, the original is just as ridiculous as it was when it was released in 2009.

  • Guy Numa Numa

In 2004, Gary Brolsma, the “Numa Numa Guy,” lived his dream life on Newgrounds. He became an instant meme and viral icon by lip-syncing to O-Zone’s “Dragostea Din Tei.”.

Although Newgrounds removed the video for licensing reasons, someone uploaded it to YouTube, so his legacy lives on. In 2006, an old BBC article estimated that the video had been viewed 700 million times, falling behind the following viral video.

I have mentioned some of the best Viral Videos. Do Share Your Opinion!


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