Overdramatic Cats

Oscar-Worthy Overdramatic Cats

Have this post ready in case someone calls you overly dramatic again?

DiCaprio has just one Oscar sitting on the shelf, not because he’s not good enough (how dare anyone say that!), but rather because cats snatched them all up.

On an emotional roller coaster, these cutie pies take things too personally and get emotional all of a sudden. They meow their vocal cords out like Munch’s screaming painting.

Wikifeast compiled a list of the most dramatic felines, showing how throwing a tantrum in the animal kingdom looks. Here’s part 1 of our feline drama.

#1 Outstanding Actress Award is presented to

#2 Karen, am I a joke to you?”

#3 She has no idea what just hit her

#4 We should have remembered our cat outside. To get in, she activated our video doorbell.

#5 My brother’s cat’s reaction to newly acquired furniture

#6 “Oh my gosh! What the hell is that thing?!?”

In most cases, humans look at their pets from their perspective, not the cats. We misinterpret things because of this.
Rather than being dramatic, a cat rolling on the floor is simply getting a good stretch for her flexible body, Rachel explained.
Using their bodies to communicate with us may also make us perceive them as acting dramatically. A scared cat may puff out its tail. “We may find this dramatic, but from the cat’s perspective, it’s practical.”
A cat’s puffed-up tail makes him appear more significant than he is when he is scared of an invader or an unfamiliar situation.

#7 Let me in,

#8 He gets angry as I shooed him off my lap

#9 How to Find Out If You’re Pregnant

#10 The first time he heard me sneeze

#11 She got scared in

#12 I was trying to teach my daughter how to hold the cat properly and captured this remarkable picture

According to the cat behavior expert, cats are exceptional communicators, but we must pay attention to what they say. Develop a better relationship with your cat by learning how to read his signals.”
Cats sometimes act dramatically to manipulate our emotions. And that “manipulation, revenge, and spite are traits we humans can call our own.” People respond to a high-pitched meow like a crying baby, but your cat is not manipulating you.”

#13 In Amsterdam, I met this guy

#14 I judged like I was interrupting a cat drug deal today

#15 Every day, she receives terrible news

#16 Shark caught Shia

#17 Jessica, feeding time was an hour ago

#18 Our Persian cat stares at our brand-new puppy in

#19 When your human petted another animal. Betrayer, don’t even touch me. That’s awful

#20 The fact that I have my own tiny lifeguard is one of the greatest blessings in my life. Instead of blowing a whistle or trying to save me, he screams in terror at me. Throughout

#21 My Cat’s Reaction After Accidentally Turning On The News

#22 My cat always looks anxious. He always looks like this

#23 My buddy dressed up like his cat for Halloween. Take a look at the cat’s face

#24 Simba can tan on the balcony every morning. He screams when it’s time to go back inside

#25 I’m still determining… There’s more to it than you think

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