Overdramatic Cats

Oscar-Worthy Over-Dramatic Cats (PART 2)

Cats are easily the most joyful and funniest animals around! Can you suspend your laughter as you watch this exceptionally entertaining cat’s reactions?

Quarantine permitted family members to celebrate their relationship with each other and also their pets.

#26 Melvin asked for a walk; that is what happened next. To get him home, I had to carry him. It’s just that he’s a drama queen.

#27 Meet Katsu: A Melodramatic And Destitute Boi Screaming For His Woman

#28 This dramatic cat is

#29 I’m a little late serving breakfast

#30 In A Nutshell: Life

‘#31 Noodle Sees Too Much’

#32 Last fall, my sister took her cat for a walk. It still needs to be determined whether he enjoyed himself or not.

#33 Viewed from my parent’s kitchen window. There are no cats in their house.

#34 I took my cat to the vet. He felt this way about it.

#35 My Cat – Stuck in a rut

#36 She has been screaming at these water droplets for three minutes. You tiny moron, get out of the shower.

#37 Henrietta needs your help declaring war. She’s not sure what she’s against, but she knows it’s crucial.

#38 Wasp photobomb

#39 My cat took it personally

#40 The upstairs neighbors are noisy. Together, we were startled.

#41. I am the owner of the chair! Muahahahahahaha

#42 The routine of a bath with Kiwi

#43 I Know How You Handle, Rosco; I Know

#44 demands to get into the car. She was shocked to see that she was in the car.

#45 Me: Maddy is back from vacation. I’m dead, Dotty the cat.

#46 He’s worried about getting fed if I drown in the bath

#47 This is the fridge. Feeding Schedules Are Not As Performed As Expected, so She Would Like To File A Legal Objection With The Attendants

#48 Take that thing away from me

#49 While trying to take a picture of the daily garden haul, #49 was also preparing dinner

#50 The Cat Reacts to 2020 Marvell’s Comics

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