#15 “Did You Know” Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Love is absolutely pure, love is suffering, love is sweet, and love is an extremely painful emotion. True love is extremely intense. We need it and crave it, and once lost, it becomes something we start worrying about. Endless love is a dream about which we usually try very hard and then cannot tolerate the loss.

A 75-year Harvard study discovered that love is the only thing that would survive in long-term relationships. Satisfaction and happiness in life depend on love or the search for love.

In this article I will discuss some of the “Did You Know” amazing posts. Hope you will enjoy reading my posts!


















The most ancient understanding of love involved a series of thrilling bursts of feeling. Therefore, we began with a number of fun details about the historical development of the concept of love as we understand it today.

Love Is A Never-Ending Feeling…

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